Our values


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We treat others the way we would like to be treated. We listen to one another and we value each other and hold the belief that each employee is important to the Company’s success. Equally, we respect our clients, partners and suppliers.


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We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, partners and suppliers. We encourage open communication to promote effective working-relationships in the organisation. We treat each other with integrity and fairness and strive to do the right thing.


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Mutual loyalty is important for us. It is our belief that a Company works better when loyalty exists internally as well as with clients, partners and suppliers.

Team spirit

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Team spirit

Working in interactive teams across offices and countries is encouraged at Numerus, and effective team collaboration is crucial to the Company’s success. Adopting a helpful and approachable attitude helps foster excellent team spirit, which in turn leads to high performance and client satisfaction.

Attention to detail

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Attention to detail

Satisfied customers are crucial to our business. We pay close attention to detail and are committed to delivering a high quality service.

At Numerus, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and flexible working atmosphere which fosters not only a great team spirit but also the desire to be successful; a place where our company values thrive. 

Based in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, our experts interact with each other daily to produce high quality customer solutions with high client satisfaction.

Additionally, our international team meetings provide an internal platform to share know-how and promote team communication, thus creating a close-knit company with outstanding performance. 

We are proud of the expertise we have, the meaningful and varied work we do and the contribution we make to the healthcare sector. The result is extraordinary! 

Consider the following expressions from past and present employees:

« C'est cet état d'esprit qui me plaît et que je trouve extrêmement enrichissant et motivant »

“Everybody is really helpful, and supportive”

“Personal development is encouraged – internal/external trainings”

“We often get very positive feedback from clients .... it makes you feel that we have done a good job”

“… the directors really care about their staff …”

„Der tolle Teamgeist bei Numerus …“

“I always look forward to my next challenge”

“I was impressed with both the professionalism and the welcoming attitude of the company”

“… a chance to find my niche and to work closely with experienced statisticians”

“Each team member is important, whatever their role and wherever they are located”

„ … in diesem dynamisch-innovativen Forschungsgebiet empfinde ich die Zusammenarbeit mit den klinischen Statistikern bei Numerus als außerordentlich erfolgreich und innovativ“

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