Statistics Training for AMNOG

Learn more about our statistics training course specifically for AMNOG submissions to the German authorities (EN)

Early Benefit Assessment Dossiers According to AMNOG (Module 4)

A detailed description of the indications we've supported, outcomes analysed and methodology applied (EN)

Estimands - What Do They Mean for Health Technology Assessment

Article published in Value & Outcomes Spotlight September/October 2018 (EN)

Total Statistical Support for Medical Devices

Overview of our statistical services in support of medical device development (EN)

International Statistical Expertise for Market Access

Overview of our statistical services supporting Market Access in Europe, N. America, Canada and Australia (EN)

Safeguarding Your Phase I-III Development

Our statistical services supporting clinical development programmes (EN)

Statistical Expertise for AMNOG Submissions to the G-BA

How Numerus can help you with the statistical aspects of your next AMNOG submission (EN)

MAIC - Which Method is Best?

Slide presentation delivered at the HTAi Conference, Cologne 2019 (EN)

Modern visualisation of results instead of mammoth dossiers!

English language translation of an article first published in Market Access & Health Policy January 2020 (EN)

Moderne Ergebnisvisualisierung anstelle von Mammut-Dossiers!

Article published in Market Access & Health Policy January 2020 (DE)

Delivering Statistical Expertise to Epidemiology

Overview of our statistical services in Epidemiology (EN)

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