Our Organisation

At Numerus, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and flexible working atmosphere which fosters not only a great team spirit but also the desire to be successful; a place where our company values thrive. 

Based in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, our experts interact with each other daily to produce high quality customer solutions with high client satisfaction.

Additionally, our international team meetings provide an internal platform to share know-how and promote team communication, thus creating a close-knit company with outstanding performance. 

We are proud of the expertise we have, the meaningful and varied work we do and the contribution we make to the healthcare sector. The result is extraordinary! 

Take a look at the testimonials.

“I started working at Numerus as a statistician after completing my master’s degree. I wanted to get experience with a variety of projects and disease areas and felt that, as a CRO, Numerus would provide good opportunities for this. I liked the fact that it was a small company, which would give me a chance to find my niche and to work closely with experienced statisticians. Compared to other companies, Numerus also offered great benefits. I have learned largely through practical experience on projects and guidance from my colleagues.  There was no rigorous training program, rather a progression in my workload from simple tasks to more complex ones as my skills developed. Everybody is really helpful, and supportive. Numerus has certainly lived up to my expectations, and I’ve learned a huge amount in a short time!”

Since joining Numerus as a Principal Statistician, time has just flown by! My initial interview was with Jonathan Alsop, the Managing Director; this gave me a first-hand opportunity to find out about the true values that underpin the  company as they are a direct result of Jonathan’s own personality. During a more formal interview, I was impressed with both the professionalism and the welcoming attitude of the company.  It became obvious to me during the recruitment process that the directors really care about their staff and that effective teamwork is a cornerstone of its culture. 

Everyone at Numerus really does live its core values.  They are an accurate description of the way we work, rather than something that we aspire to.  As these values are all qualities that are important to me, it helped me to quickly feel at home in my new role and to embrace the variety of interesting challenges that it brings.  Each team member is important, whatever their role and wherever they are located.  I feel proud of the high quality of work that we deliver and I am very happy to have made the decision to join Numerus.“

“Ich arbeite seit mehreren Jahren als leitender Epidemiologe bei Numerus.  Ich schätze an Numerus die statistische Expertise, wie z.B. in Bayesscher Statistik und stochastischer Simulation, über Netzwerk-Metaanalysen und kausaler Inferenz bis hin zu prädiktiver Modellierung. Gerade in diesem dynamisch-innovativen Forschungsgebiet empfinde ich die Zusammenarbeit mit den klinischen Statistikern bei Numerus als außerordentlich erfolgreich und innovativ. Auf meinen Spezialgebieten zwischen der Auswertung von Beobachtungsstudien und der Simulation und mathematischen Modellierung von biologischen Systemen habe ich bei Numerus viel dazugewonnen. Und es gibt noch viel zu tun und zu entdecken ......“

I've been working for several years as a leading epidemiologist at Numerus.  I value the statistical expertise within the company, e.g. in Bayesian statistics and stochastic simulation, from network meta analysis and causal inference through to predictive modelling.  I experience the cooperation amongst the clinical statisticians here to be extremely successful and innovative, especially in such dynamic-innovative research areas.  Through my work at Numerus, I have also been able to further my knowledge, even in my areas of specialization between the evaluation of observational studies and the simulation and mathematical modelling of biological systems; and yet there still seems much more to achieve and discover …

“À la suite de mon diplôme d'ingénieur obtenu en 2007, avec une spécialité en mathématiques appliquées, j'ai travaillé 3 ans en tant que statisticienne. Numerus, que j'ai rejoint en 2010, m'a permis de progresser et d'évoluer jusqu'au poste de statisticienne principale que j'occupe actuellement. Je suis notamment en charge d'études statistiques pour lesquelles je suis l'interlocutrice principale de nos clients pharmaceutiques. Numerus cherche à allier en permanence l'excellence technique et le bien-être de ses collaborateurs. C'est cet état d'esprit qui me plaît et que je trouve extrêmement enrichissant et motivant.“

Following my engineering degree in 2007, with a specialty in applied mathematics, I worked 3 years as a statistician. Numerus, which I joined in 2010, allowed me to progress and evolve to the post of principal statistician. I am in charge of statistical studies for which I act as the primary contact with our pharmaceutical customers. Numerus strives to continuously combine the technical excellence and the well-being of their employees. It is this state of mind that I like and which I find extremely rewarding and motivating.