Ensure your drug device or diagnostic product gets reimbursed

Ensure your drug, device or diagnostic product gets reimbursed

To support health technology assessment, Numerus combines rigorous statistical principles with the methods of health economics in a unified regulatory approach that successfully supports the reimbursement of drugs, medical devices and diagnostics.

Our team are internationally located, provide multi-lingual support and have a solid understanding of country-specific guidelines.

Numerus integrates analyses, aimed at generating evidence for reimbursement, into early phase clinical study design. We also ensure broad forethought into how best to address available HTA guidance.

Numerus delivers all the appropriate modelling and analyses.

HTA Services
  • Data extraction
    • Systematic literature review
    • Constructing data extraction tables
    • Virtual IPD - digitalisation of KM curves
  • Evidence synthesis
    • Meta-analyses
    • Network meta-analyses (NMA, MTC)
    • Indirect Treatment Comparisons (ITC, Bucher)
    • Matching-Adjusted Indirect Comparisons (MAIC)
    • Simulated Treatment Comparisons (STC)
  • Event forecasting
    • Extrapolation of survival curves
    • Log-logistic, Log-normal, Weibull, Gompertz
    • Fractional polynomials and piecewise exponential
  • Health economic modelling
    • Markov, decision trees, cost utility, cost effectiveness, budget impact
    • Probabilistic sensitivity analyses
  • Added value dossiers and compliance checks
    • NICE
    • G-BA (AMNOG)
    • IQWiG